NOFOTA stands for Netherlands Oils, Fats and Oilseeds Trade Association, being the Dutch umbrella-organisation of companies concerned with the production, consumption and trade of vegetable and animal oils and fats, oilseeds and their derivatives.

NOFOTA is founded in 1918, established as the Nederlandsche Bond voor den Handel in Vetten, Oliën en Oliezaden, has approximately 180 members. A-members (kindred organisations), B-members (producers, consumers, traders and brokers) and C-members (organisations concerned with the production and trade such as storage companies, laboratories, banks etc.).

It draws up standard contracts, which are of international usage. The latest version of the NOFOTA Trading Rules can be downloaded here (version 1 January 2024). Moreover it provides a mechanism for the settlement of disputes by its arbitration institute.



September 1-6, 2024

FOSFA basic introductory and advanced courses

Greenwich University, London


September 10-11, 2024

OFI/CPOC Sustainable oils & fats conference

AHOY conference, Rotterdam


September 18, 2024

Webinar on CSRD

Webinar online


September 26, 2024

UCOGRAS Annual Dinner

Botanic Sanctuary, Antwerp BE


October 1, 2024

NOFOTA seminar on Trading Rules

VNAB, Boompjes 251, 3011 XZ Rotterdam


November 7, 2024

FOSFA AGM and Annual Dinner

The Brewery, London


November 28, 2024

GROFOR Annual Dinner

Grand Elysee Hotel, Hamburg


December 5, 2024

FOSFA Oils & Fats Dinner

Tallow Chandlers Hall, London


Olyx B.V. new member of NOFOTA

As per 17 July Olyx B.V. is a new member of NOFOTA. Olyx is a broker in the field of Biodiesel, Biodiesel feedstocks, Biogas, Ethanol.

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Contitank B.V. recognised storage company

As per 17 July 2024 Contitank in Farmsum is added to the list of NOFOTA recognised storage companies.

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Warning for fraud with documents in the UCO market

Recently NOFOTA received reports of fraud in the UCO market. This fraud would allegedly be committed by companies selling UCO on the European market under the applicability of the NOFOTA Trading Rules, issuing fake documents including bills of lading, certificates…

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Global UCO Company B.V. and OrangeOils B.V. new members of NOFOTA

As per 15 July 2024 Global UCO Company (Bonaire) and OrangeOils (Coevorden) will be a B-member of NOFOTA. Both companies are active in the trade of UCO, animals fats, fatty acids and POME.

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Seminar NOFOTA Trading Rules

On Tuesday 1 October 2024 NOFOTA organises a seminar on Trading Rules.Lectures are given by experts in the trade and legal professionals and supported by case studies. Click here for more information and registration.

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