About Us


The Technical Committee.

This committee handles technical questions, aligns test methods and ring tests with FOSFA International. The Technical Committee also performs audits for the recognition of tank storage companies, laboratories and superintendent companies.


R. van Kempen (Chairman)
B. Brakenhof
JH. Pepping
M. Snieder
A. Boer
C. van der Geest
A. Overmars
A. Gario
T. Akkermans
S. Wolthuis
G. Bescoby (co-opted member representing FOSFA)
R. van Noord (secretary)

B-section (laboratories):

P. van Beek
P. Bastijns
N. Janssen
H. van der Moolen
M. Frijmuth
R. Bergwerf
M. van Andel
C. Tange-Fasseur
F. Cobussen

B-section (Superintendents representative):

R. Flokstra

The Contract Committee

This committee discusses contractual topics and reviews the NOFOTA Trading Rules (NTR) and Rules for Arbitration (NRA). 

L. Margaka (Chairman)
S. Buisman
L. Verstelle (representing the storage companies) – alternate E. Dominicus
N. van der Poel
F. Ketting
O. Smit (representing the superintendents)
M. Sauer
W. Grooss
J. Postema (representing the brokers)
C. Huurman (Vice-Chairman)
R. Versluis
S. Kroeger (agenda member – representing GROFOR)
P. van Pollaert (agenda member – representing UCOGRAS)
R. van Noord (secretary)